A New Conversation Workshop®
Personal Growth, Transformation &

About The Workshops

"Think Outside the Box!"
Change Your Thinking 
& Raise your Consciousness

   ...  Subconscious Wisdom

      Envision   ...      Your True-Self
         Create    ...        A New Life  

Learn About

*   The Mind-Body Connection

*   The Power of Thoughts 
*   How Thoughts Can Affect Your Health 

*   The Subconscious vs Conscious Mind
*   How Beliefs Get Established
*   Programmable Mind States
*   Benefits of Guided Imagery & Relaxation

Explaining what was learned from
a Transpersonal Art Exercise

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Workshops Jan 18, 2014 in Santa Fe, NM

About the Workshops

A New Conversation Workshops encourage personal growth by inviting you to hold  
“A New Conversation” with yourself. By attending these workshops you will gain a much deeper understanding and spiritual sense of your place in the world. Your 
experiences will be powerful and insightful. You will be thinking "Outside the Box' and be inspired to make needed changes in your life to live more fully.

Specialized techniques are used safely guide you into very deep states of relaxation that allow you to drift between dream-like and waking states. This lucid mind-state allows you to tap into your subconscious wisdom to recieve answers to your life's questions and discover the hidden gems within you. 

The Best Part is You Will ...
HAVE FUN in a safe, innovative, non-judgmental atmosphere of creativity while  unveiling your True-Self and your life's path.

* Reach new depths of understanding about yourself and experience ancient and modern techniques that encourage self-realization. You will participate in Shamanic Journeys, Eastern Meditation techniques, Vision Quests, Guided Imagery, Deep Relaxation and Creative Visualization Exercises.

* Be inspired by thought-provoking
lectures, discussions and cutting-edge theories that stimulate you to think differently about life. You will be “Thinking Outside the Box,” and tapping into your sub-conscious wisdom to i
dentify and prioritize your wants, dreams, goals and desires and having FUN doing it! 

The Techniques Used Inspire Creativity
Transpersonal Psychology, Neurolinguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Guided Imagery and Shamanic Journeying techniques allow you to reach very deep states of relaxation, these techniques
inspire contemplation, inquisitiveness and creativity. The insights people have often lead to lively discussions when they share the“Aha” moments they had. Often, any signs of shyness fades away during group discussions!

People have been thrilled with the creativity, clarity and transformation they received from attending these workshops. They found they learned a lot about themselves and from one another.

 One participant said, 
"It was better than 5-years of therapy!" 

Don't miss it! 
The overall environment is FUN and promotes personal growth and transformation. 

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